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    Vak test

    You can use this page in serveral ways:

    • In order to learn your prefered modality, check the answers that match you the best.
    • To discover how well you understand each modality, try to choose, for example, the visual answer for each "question".
    • Push the buttons below to discover typical responses for each modality.

    When you are finished, we would like you to send us your own answers. We need them to standardize the information from this page. Thank you.

    nlp test

    1. Your main interests:6. Your negative characteristics:

    2. Your sense of humor:7. Your influence:

    3. The image you want to project:8. To make you a new friend:

    4. When you don't want to do anything:9. For you, a good film must:

    5. In general with pets:10. Your friends like you because:

    vak test
    Number of answers: Correlations with mean profiles Probability rates:

    Refer to our Multiple Correspondence Analysis for a statistical validation, and to our statistical formulas for the calculation of these rates.

    vak quiz

    To find typical response patterns we have collected for each modality, click here:


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