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    Visual Auditory Kinesthetic Learning Styles: Home Page.

    Vak, coaching and NLP:

    Another personality test.

    vak Cerebral Palsy
    Continuing education and legal support for cerebral palsy patients.

    auditory www.howtolearn.com
    Still another test. You will be asked to give your email adress first and it will calcul your results automaticaly.

    auditory Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Thought Field Therapy
    Hypnosis, tft and nlp, books, training courses and articles.

    auditory Life Choices
    Life choices offers hypnotherapy, nlp and eft to clients with emotional, psychological and physiological problems. We offer private sessions and workshops for problems such as weight, stress and time management and communication skills.

    auditory The Birmingham Nlp Training Academy
    Dedicated nlp and hypnosis training courses and consultancy in birmingham and the midlands uk. We run courses in everything from nlp practitioner and master practitioner as well as business qualifications. Trainers are society of nlp licenced.



    nlp Our own book selection for keeping a version in print of all what you have read here.

    nlp Latest Amazon selection for vak, learning styles and nlp .

    Professional advertising (may however propose some free interesting stuff) :

    learing style

    free nlp


    Have a short virtual tour to our nice city of Lyon:

    Lyon, World Heritage
    The full visit of Lyon (France).

    Institut lumière
    As explained on this site, Lyon was the city where cinema was invented in 1895 and where the first movie of the History was shot!

    artist Baldazzini
    The own world, mostly italian touch, of the artist who drew the backgrounds of these pages.


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