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    3. Improve your kinesthetic skills

    improving kinesthetic skills

    Cognitive level

    Imagine yourself in action, imagine the gestures necessary to complete a certain job. Simultaneously carry out, in your imagination, different movements with different parts of your body.

    Imagine manipulating an object or another person, such as doing the dishes or giving a massage. Kinesthetic intelligence includes good spatial perception and good internal memory for how to do things.

    At your computer, teach yourself to type using all ten fingers without looking at the keyboard.

    Behavior level

    Sometimes, stop looking at others and completely forget that they can look at you. Stop listening and imagine that they cannot hear you at all. Concentrate only on the feeling that your attitude creates, the sharpness or gentleness of your movements, the warmth or coldness of your way of being.

    Imagine yourself in the shoes of others to understand them better.

    The benefits of developing kinesthetic skills

    Kinesthetic qualities permit your to create a feeling of well being and of understanding of others, to establish harmony and togetherness. You feel less lonely because you are one body with your group.

    When developing your kinesthetic sense you develop more sexual pleasure and can bring more to your partner as well.

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