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    Chapter III: Use it for changing

    1. Improve your visual skills

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    improving visual skills

    Cognitive level

    In the evening, make a film of the day and review it in your imagination; visualize the most impressive events and all the people you've seen When you think of someone, try to see him in your visual imagination.

    When you are reading or typing something on your computer, pay special attention to the actual form of the letters and words with their correct spelling. Close your eyes and see the words or even the numbers mentally.

    Behavior level

    Imagine that you are being watched. Pay attention to the expression on your face, smile when talking to people, make funny faces.

    Think of the world as a movie screen, think of yourself as an actor facing his/her audience. Visualize yourself in a positive way.

    The benefits of developing visual skills

    Sight is a very stimulating sense. When you pay attention to images you can keep yourself alert and busy.

    Mental images contain enormous amounts of information so it is a great way to help your memory and maintain a sharp mind.

    When you are conscious of your image, it helps you to improve it and it even requires you to do so as it would be difficult to tolerate an unflattering image once you are conscious of it on a regular basis. You then dress better, you take better care of yourself and this can increase your self esteem.

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