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    Chapter I: Understand the idea

    1. Introduction to sensory dominance

    We call being visual, auditory or kinesthetic the fact that we all have a dominant sense, either sight or sound or touch.

    We'd like for you to find your own "sensory box", but since we realize that most of us do not like to be pigeon-holed we'll also tell you how to get out of the "box" of your dominant modality so that you are better able to understand and communicate with others and yourself.

    Rest assured that there has been quite a bit of scientific research about the subject of sensory submodalities; for your reassurance we've created a link to a wikipedia article which should give you more specific information. Take a look and then hurry back for a fascinating trip through our v(isual)-a(uditory)-k(inesthetic) site.

    Sensory dominance

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