NLP Training


NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) is a practice of personal development founded in the 70s by professors of the university of Santa-Cruz in California.

It is based on scientific results of psychological studies which propose pragmatic techniques applied to the fields of management, trades and communication. The concept of sensory dominance (vak: Visual-Auditory-kinesthetic) belongs to these scientific results used by NLP.

NLP raises many discussions, it is qualified by some of shameless manipulation technique, by other of commercial swindle. Undoubtedly that its rather absconde denomination has something to do there.

In my opinion, the concept of sensory dominance constitutes the most solid theoretical contribution provided by Nlp, maybe the only one which is likely to induce a significant and durable evolution to those who are interested in it on a purely personal purpose.

This is why this concept is largely included in many NLP and coaching training programs, sometimes associated with hypnosis.


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