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    2. Improve your listening skills

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    improve listening skills

    Improving Cognitive skills

    In the evening, rethink everything you have heard during the past day. Mentally re-hear the day's conversations with their exact words and tone of voice. Try to hear the sound of a person's voice, for example, when reading a letter from him or her.

    To learn words, such as names of people, recall the sound of the voice of a person pronouncing them.

    Use words to describe actions you are taking. For example, in front of your computer say to yourself: "I am clicking on such and such menu; such and such window opens". Master your train of thought and focus by verbalizing when you are distracted by non verbal thoughts.

    Pay attention to the temporal weight of a sentence, that is, the time it takes to pronounce it clearly. Auditory perception is very connected to the perception of time.

    Behavior level

    Express in words your thoughts and perceptions. Don't insinuate anything, be specific. When talking with people, concentrate on the sound of their voice, their choice of words, the construction of their sentences, without preoccupying yourself with their attitude. Occupy auditory space by speaking up, pay attention to the amount of time you are speaking and to the amount of time others speak, as well.

    The benefits of developing auditory skills

    By listening and letting others listen to you, it's easier to establish relationship with those you do not know personally such as business colleagues and "social contacts".

    You can more easily help others know what you want and what you don't want all the while respecting them. Controlling your "sound space" helps you be more self assured.

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